Cash Flow Scenario

Genesis edition only.

Once you have built up the value of your estimate and arrived at sell rates for your items, you are able to schedule when the payment of costs and receipt of income occurs over the life of the project.

Each project provides you with the ability to create multiple Cash Flow Scenarios, each representing different methods for calculating the projects cash flow.

Cash Flow Scenario

Within the Cash Flow Scenario module, you have the ability to:

The contextual ribbon menu at the top of the window displays all the available functions within the Cash Flow Scenarios window.

The main grid area displays a list of all Cash Flow Scenarios when you first open the window.


While multiple scenarios can be added to a project, only one scenario will calculate Cash Flow Results for the project at any one time. Clicking the Mark Scenario as Active button on the Cash Flow Scenario - Ribbon menu sets the selected scenario to be the actively calculated scenario. A tick will be displayed next to the selected scenario.

Having an active Cash Flow Scenario also will also give you access to the Resource Flow and Cost Flow analysis windows.