Cash Flow Scenario Options – Cost Payment Lag

Genesis edition only.

The Cost Payment Lag section of the Cash Flow Scenario Options window relates to managing when the actual cost of a Resource (or Resource Type) is incurred in the Cash Flow Scenario, based on the period in which it is used. By using this section of the Cash Flow Scenario Options, typical invoice grace periods can be applied depending on commercial agreements.

Example: In a Cash Flow Scenario with a 5 Day Week Calendar, with a Resource used on a Wednesday with a 5 Day Cost Payment Lag, the cost is not incurred until the following Monday.

To change the information in this section, click the Edit button  in the Cash Flow Scenario Options ribbon menu.

Cash Flow Scenario Options window – Cost Payment Lag

The delay between when a Resource is used and the payment of a Resource can be set at either the Resource or inherited from the nearest Resource Type/Category folder. To differentiate inherited payment lags, any Resource or Resource Type category that is inheriting will be summarised using grey, italic text. To find where it is inherited from, simply search back up the tree for the nearest folder that defines the processing rule in black, normal text.

Note: By default, all Resource Types inherit their payment delays from the All Resources folder with a payment delay of 7 calendar days. At any time, payment delays can be reset back to this default for all Resources, by clicking on the Reset to Default button at the bottom left-hand side of the window.