Spread Nominations

General spreading of project value will proportionately allocate an amount of value to a Direct Cost Schedule item based on the item’s Rate and Quantity properties. This may not always be the preferred result for all Direct Cost Schedule items.

In this case, you may utilise Spread Nominations as a way to control how and what spread value should be applied to an individual Direct Cost Schedule item.

Spread Nominations - main grid

The Spread Nominations window provides the ability to:

The contextual ribbon menu at the top of the window displays all the available functions within the Spread Nominations. In order to make any changes to the Spread Nominations window, you will need to click the Edit button  from this menu.

The main grid displays a list of all your Direct Cost Schedule items that can have a nomination applied to them (Hidden and Child items are not displayed as they do not receive a Sell Value).

When calculating the Spread values for items in a Direct Cost Schedule, the application will consider items with Spread Nominations first. This ensures that the item's nominated value is met prior to commencing the standard spread calculation.

The spread pools are reduced to take into account the value required in order to perform the nomination. Any value remaining after the nominations have been processed will be then spread proportionately as a part of the normal spread calculation.

Nominations are used to bypass regular calculated Sell Rates and Sell Totals for a Direct Cost Schedule item. This ultimately acts as a way to either attract or redirect value to/from a Direct Cost Schedule item. This can have consequences in overall project value, potentially resulting in a misclose warning Project Message to indicate the incorrect value associated to the project.