Spread Results

The Spread Results window provides a comprehensive analysis of the final sell values of each Direct Cost item after the spread calculation has been completed.

It displays how the value of each Spread Pool has been spread across each item, either as a summary or per Resource Type.

Spread Results icon

The Sell Rate and Total columns display the end results of the Spread Calculation. The Effective Markup column allows you to review the variance between the Estimated Total and  Sell Total. If the project has been configured for Tax, the Spread Results window will also display Sell Rates/Totals inclusive of the  Tax value.

See the Spread Results Grid article for further information on columns available.

Spread Results window - notifications


The values displayed in the Spread Results are current upon opening the window. If changes are made that affect the Spread Calculation, such as changing margins, a notification banner displays at the top of the window. Click the Refresh button on the ribbon toolbar to update the results.

A red notification banner is also displayed if there are project error messages or for specific warning messages. Refer to the article on Project Messages for more information.

Note: All project error messages must be resolved before a spread can be calculated.