Server Configuration – Project Backup Options

The Project Backup Options section of the Server Configuration Portal allows you to construct specific backup configurations for your Expert Estimation Server component. There are both triggered and scheduled backup options made available depending on your specific backup requirements.

Server Configuration – Project Backup Options tab

When a backup is triggered, Expert Estimation will export a copy of the project to an EE4 file to the location defined. The file will be named as per the project name, suffixed with a date-time stamp, reflecting the time in which the backup was performed.

Note When first configured, a backup of all Projects existing on the server will be made.




Folder Path

The folder path is used to define the file location where the project files will be backed up.

This must be a location on the computer that has the server installed.

Note: By default, the Expert Estimation Server instance cannot access network resources. If you wish to configure your backups to be stored in a network location, please contact Pronamics Support for further assistance.


Allows you to set activation points to run project backups.

The available triggers are:

  • Backup projects when they’re loaded: Creates a backup of a project when it is first loaded. This is typically when the first user opens the project.
  • Backup projects when they’re unloaded: Exports a copy of the project when the last user closes out of the project.
  • Backup projects periodically: Allows you to define a preferred hourly interval when a project backup will be run.
  • Backup projects when deleted: Exports a copy of the project when the file is deleted from the Projects window.