Code Set – Cost Estimate Allocations

Genesis edition only.

Codes that have been added to a code set can be allocated to lines within the Cost Estimate of Group Resources, Direct Cost or Overhead Cost Schedule items.

Cost Estimate Line Allocations window

The Cost Estimate Allocation windows are accessed by selecting the Cost Estimate Line Allocations ribbon button from either the Resource Allocations, Direct Cost Allocations or Overhead Cost Allocations windows.


Codes can be allocated to Cost Estimate lines either by:

  • Selecting a Code from the Allocated To column drop-down.
  • Using the Properties pane.
  • Dragging and dropping codes onto individual Cost Estimate lines.

Note: Multiple Cost Estimate lines can have a code assigned at the same time by using the Properties Pane.

Codes can only be added to lines that contribute to the Cost Estimate’s value. You cannot add a code to text only or blank lines, summation formula or lines that have resources already containing a Code allocation assigned. A Cost Estimate line can only have one code from the set allocated to it.

If a Cost Estimate line contains a resource that has a code allocation at the resource level a link icon and the name of the Code will be displayed in the Allocated Cost column.

Within the Direct Cost Estimate Line Allocations window, you are able to select how the Cost and Income component of the Cost Estimate line contributes toward the code. You can choose to have just the Cost component, just the Income component or both Cost and Income contribute to the Code allocated.