Code Set – Resource Allocations

Genesis edition only.

Accessed from the Resource Allocations button from the Code Set Codes Ribbon menu, the Code Set Resource Allocations window provides you with the ability to allocate a Code directly to either a Base or Group Resource.

Code Set - Resource Allocations window

The main grid area of the Resource Allocations window displays a list of all the Resources available in the project. Similar to the Resource Explorer, the left-hand side of the Resource Allocation window shows the Resource Type Category Subfolder Pane.

This pane displays the available Resource Types and Resource Subcategories available within the project and can be used to filter the grid to show only the resources assigned to the Category Subfolder.


Codes can be allocated to Base or Group Resources either by:

  • Using the Properties pane.
  • Dragging and dropping codes onto individual resource.

Note: Multiple resources can have a code assigned at the same time by using the Properties Pane.

Each resource can only have one code from a set allocated to it. When an allocation is done at the Base Resource level, all costs will be allocated to that code no matter where it is used in a project.

When a Code is allocated to a resource, the name of the Code and a link icon will be displayed in the Allocated Code column against any Cost Estimate line that uses the allocated resource.