Subcontractor Comparisons – Subcontractor Details

Genesis edition only.

The Subcontractor Details window provides you with an area for documenting individual subcontractor’s rates for a Subcontractor Comparison. It is here where you define the rate or total and any additional factors attributed to completing the Direct Cost Schedule item using the specific subcontractor.

Note: You cannot edit the details of the Self-Performing Subcontractor.

Subcontractor Comparisons – Subcontractor Details window


When the Subcontractor Details window is first opened, the main workspace displays the list of Direct Cost Schedule items, populated from the Subcontractor Comparisons – Items window, on which the comparison is based. Each individual subcontractor will display the same list of Direct Cost items.

When the list of values has been provided by the subcontractor, the values can be entered against any of the Quote Details Columns that display the Edit button . If you have received a price for an item as a unit rate, entering the figure into the Quoted Rate will automatically calculate the Quoted Total value. Likewise, entering a value in the Quoted Total field will calculate the Quoted Rate field.


Additionally, the Subcontractor Details window gives you access to define further costs not reflected by the originally quoted items.

Often a quote may include costs that are specific to dealings with an individual subcontractor. These may include additional shipping costs and trade agreements. To accommodate for these extra costs, you have the ability to reference an Independent Cost Estimate.

Also, you can reference the Cost Estimate of an item via the Item Cost Estimate window. This Cost Estimate allows can be used if a subcontractor provides a price for performing only part of the work required for an item and the other portion will be self-performed or completed by another subcontractor.