Overhead Cost Summary Report

The Overhead Cost Summary report provides a formatted, print-friendly version of the items in the Overhead Cost Schedule. The report details cost associated with each item and is useful in understanding exactly what costs are involved with a project that are not presented directly to the customer.

Overhead Cost Summary Report without any formatting


The report has a number of columns relating to each Overhead Cost Item as well as a total value line at the bottom of the report. The columns displayed are:

  • Line number
  • Parent number
  • Item number
  • Description
  • Unit
  • Resource Type Totals
  • Rate
  • Total
  • Selected Unit Total
  • Item Type

The Item Type column displays a representative initial for the line’s item type; Rate Only is represented with an “R” and Contributing items with a “C”.

Note: Unfinished items will not display Totals, Rates or Unit Summary.


You can change the format of the data by clicking the Change button, in the bottom left-hand corner in the Options section of the report.

Overhead Cost Summary Report - formatting options



Show Resource Totals

Enables the Labour, Material, Plant, Subcontractor and Other values to be shown on the report.

Checking this option enables the Show resource rates option.

Show Resource Rates

If checked, the per unit rate of Labour, Material, Plant, Subcontractor and Other values are shown below the resource total for each line.

Show Anticipated Values

If checked the Anticipated Rate and Total values will be shown on the report alongside the difference between the Anticipated Rate / Total and the Estimated value.

Sort By

Orders the report based on the selected column.

The available columns to sort on are Line Number, Quantity, Estimated Rate or Estimated Total.

Sort Descending

Sorts the report in descending order, by the column that is set within the Sort By field.

Only Include Items With a Quantity

Any items without a quantity will be filtered out of the report and will not be displayed.

Displayed Unit Total

The Displayed Unit Total field allows you to select a resource unit (such as mhr or m2) and apply a summation column for the unit to the report.

Only one Unit Total column can be added to the report at a time.

User Defined Columns

This allows you to select User Defined columns to display on the report.

Note: General Report Options are available as standard for this report.




Include Text and Heading Items

When this option is checked, text items and heading items that appear within the Items selection section are checked and will be included on the report.

Grid Section

The Grid section allows you to include or exclude the item from the report via the checkbox.