General Report Options

Within the reporting component of Expert Estimation there are a number of formatting options that are available to the majority of reports.

These options are available for all appropriate reports within the General Report Options section of the Change window.

The General Report Options consist of:



Report Title

The Report Title formatting option allows for the customisation of the report name.

If left blank, the report name will revert to its default.

Report Number

Allows you to assign a user defined number to the report.

This number will be displayed under the Project Name.

Show Tender Number

Displays the projects tender number underneath the Report Title and Project Name on the report.

Replace Zero Value

With these options checked, any values within the report that equates to zero is replaced with a user-defined value set in the Options window.

Include Schedule Item Page Breaks

When this option is checked, the Page Breaks defined on the Cost Schedule are included and displayed on the report.

Page Breaks will appear before the cost schedule items to which they are allocated.

Note: Schedule Item Page Breaks are not available on all reports and will be displayed in the Formatting Options where available.