Overhead Cost Estimates Report

The Overhead Cost Estimate report allows you to generate a printable version of the Overhead Cost Schedule, detailing the important properties of each selected Overhead Cost Schedule Item and lists the entire Cost Estimates for each item.

This report is useful when reviewing the work required with any particular Overhead Cost Schedule Item, or if you wish to print the entire work for your Overhead Schedule.

Overhead Cost Estimates Report


The report displays the following information:

  • Item #
  • Cost Estimate Line Number
  • Description
  • Formula
  • Resource
  • Unit
  • Quantity
  • Rate
  • Costs broken down by resource type
  • Total value
  • Summary of the schedule item


You can change the format of the data by clicking the Change button, in the bottom left-hand corner in the Options section of the report.

Overhead Cost Estimates Report - formatting options



Show Cost Estimate Lines

This option allows you to select the level of detail shown for each cost estimate line.

This can be set to show:

  • all Cost Estimate lines,
  • all except excluded Cost Estimate lines,
  • only summary Cost Estimate lines,
  • no Cost Estimate lines.

Exploded group resources to (x) levels deep

Explode Group resources to (x) levels deep will expand the group resource reported on a cost estimate line.

(x) represents the number of contained group resource levels that will be expanded out in the report per cost estimate line.

Show Resource List

When this option is ticked, the report shows a list of the resources that have been used in the cost estimate of the item.

The list includes the resource’s type, name, rate, quantity used and the total value of the resources within the cost estimate.

Show Define Value

When this option is ticked, any defines used in the cost estimate are shown with their assigned value.

Units to Summarise

This allows you to select units to summarise on the report underneath each overhead cost item.

Only units that have been used within the direct cost estimates are listed.

Units to Display As Columns

This allows you to select which Unit summation columns should be displayed as columns on the right-hand side of the report. These columns will summarise the resource units consumed against each Cost Estimate and Cost Schedule line shown.

User Defined Columns To Display

This allows you to select User Defined columns to display on the report.

Note: General Report Options are available as standard for this report.


The Items Section allows you to specify which items will be displayed within the report. This is broken up into two sections the Options and the Grid Section.

The Options section will allow you to easily include / exclude any Heading items from the report, the Grid Section contains checkboxes allowing you to include or exclude individual items from the report.



Include Text and Heading Items

When this option is selected, text items and heading items that appear within the Items selection section are checked and will be included on the report.