Quotation Comparisons Details Report

The Quotation Comparisons Details report displays the details for a single comparison or all of the comparisons within the project. The report is useful for providing a printable version of all Quotation Comparisons which can then be distributed for review purposes.

Quotation Comparisons Details Report

Quotation Comparisons Details Report without any formatting


The report displays the following information:

  • Quoter Name
  • Status
  • Notes
  • Calculated Total
  • Independent Cost Estimate Total
  • Quote Total
  • Rank (The order of your quoters with rank one being the lowest price to the most expensive quoter having a higher rank.)
  • Difference (The percentage difference between the Quoters value and the currently selected Quoters total)


You can change the format of the data by clicking the Change button, in the bottom left-hand corner in the Options section of the report.

Quotation Comparisons Details Report - formatting options



Displayed Quotation

When this option is set, the report will display the information for the selected Quotation Comparison.

This list will be populated with the name of each quotation in addition to the option to Show all Comparisons.

Note: General Report Options are available as standard for this report.