Quotation Comparisons Details

The Quotation Comparisons Details provides you with an area to analyse the values of the different quotes provided within the comparison, the variances between them and the ability to select the quoter whose rates will be used throughout the project.

From this window, you are able to add additional quoters to the comparison or access the list of resource that are being quoted for.

Quotation Comparison Details window


By default, all comparisons have at least one quoter called ‘Original Values’ that is automatically added to the comparison upon creation. This quoter represents the original rates of the resources included in the quote and cannot be edited.

Once you have added values to each quoter within the comparison, you can then decide on the rates to be used throughout the project. This is done by marking a quoter as selected. Once a quoter is marked as selected, the quoted rates will be applied to the resources within the project.

If there are quoters that have a lower calculated total than the selected quoter, they will be indicated by changing the colour of the text to Red, while quoters that have a higher calculated total than the selected quoter will be changed to a green text.

Note: The “Original Values” quoter must be selected in order to remove the comparison.

From the Details window, you can also access the Manage Resources window to change the resources that are being quoted on.