Quotation Comparisons Resources

Quotation Comparisons allow users to manage a list of Resources for which quotes will be provided. These resources are managed within the Quotation Comparison Resources window and can be accessed by selecting the Manage Resource button from the Quotation Comparison Details ribbon menu.

Quotation Comparison Resources window

Resources can be added by:

  • Manually adding resources
  • Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + =
  • Auto-create a resource based on a Cost Schedule Item
  • Dragging and dropping resources from the Resource Explorer

There are some restrictions on the types of resources that can be added to a Quotation Comparison.

The following resources are unable to be added to a Quotation Comparison:

  • Group resources
  • Resources that have been used in a different Quotation Comparison
  • Resources that have a calculation template assigned

Quoted Quantities

When a resource is added into a comparison the Quoted Quantity column will be pre-populated with the resource’s current Use in Project, however, an alternative value can be entered at any point.

The quoted quantity represents the quantity for each resource that the quoter will be supplying a price.

In instances where the Quoted Quantity is required to match the actual usage of a resource, you are able to use the Match Quantity function in the Quotation Comparison Resources ribbon menu.

When the Quoted Quantity is different to the Use in Project a project message will be generated to prompt for the difference to be addressed.