Project Properties – Details

The Details section in the Project Properties window allows you to edit project-specific information, some of which you entered during the creation of the project.

To change the information in this section, click the Edit button  in the ribbon menu.

Project Properties window – Details




Project Name

This is the main identifier for your project and must be unique for each project created.

The name entered will be seen in the Projects window and is printed on the header of each report.

Tender Number

Represents an alphanumeric identifier for the project that has been generated externally to Expert Estimation, usually provided by a client for reference.

Project Reference Code

Allows for a user defined code to be entered that can be referenced by other systems such as reporting APIs.


The name of the company/person that is requesting the project tender.


Additional information about the project to further define the project’s purpose.

Project Status

Selecting an option within this drop-down menu will change the status of the project.

Note: This is for reference only and does not affect how the project operates.

Project Type

Options within this drop-down menu will change the project type.

Note: Project types are for reference only.




Treat multiple allocations of a Matrix Item as an error

This checkbox will raise an error project message when a matrix item has been assigned more than once in the project.

Genesis edition only.