matrix item – cost estimate templates

Genesis edition only.

As with all other Cost Estimates within Expert Estimation, cost estimate templates are used to build up the costs of a specific unit of work. The major difference is that unlike the cost estimate of a Direct Cost item or Group Resource, a Cost Estimate Template can be assigned to multiple  Matrix Items in a Matrix. 

The estimated rate of each Matrix Item will be calculated using the values of its Matrix Attributes. Each estimated rate for all Matrix Items can be different even while using the same Cost Estimate Template.

Cost Estimate Templates window

Managing Cost Estimate Templates

A Cost Estimate Template represents a build-up of costs to be assigned to Matrix Items to calculate the Estimated Rates for each item. When creating new matrix items, you must specify which Cost Estimate Template is associated with each Matrix Item.

The quantity of the Cost Estimate Template associated with a Matrix Item is displayed on the Matrix Items window, but cannot be modified directly. Altering these values is done from the Quantity field within the Cost Estimate Templates window. After the change has been made, Expert Estimation prompts for a decision on whether the quantities within the template are to be modified to reflect the new quantity.

All Cost Estimate Templates included in a matrix can be viewed by clicking the Cost Estimate Templates button in the ribbon menu while in the Matrix Items window. While cost estimate templates can be added when new matrix items are created, you also have the option to create them manually.

Cost estimate template assigned to Matrix Items

Selecting a row in the Cost Estimate Template window and clicking View Cost Estimate button in the ribbon menu opens the selected template. Opening the window using this method populates all Matrix Attributes as well as Horizontal and Vertical defines using a value of 1. If a template is opened from the Matrix Items window the Matrix Attributes, Horizontal and Vertical defines will be populated with the values associated with the Matrix Item.

Note: As the calculation of a Cost Estimate Template is potentially shared, it is important to remember that changes made in a Cost Estimate Template will flow through to all Matrix Items that reference the template.