Matrix Defines

Genesis edition only.

Matrix defines share the same concept as Global Defines in a project except they are only available for reference in the Cost Estimates Templates within a given Matrix.

Unlike Matrix Attributes, these defines allow you to record a consistent value to be used across multiple Matrix Item Cost Estimates and be updated automatically from a single location.

Matrix Defines window

The Matrix Defines window is used to manage the defines in the current matrix. It can be accessed from the Matrix Item’s ribbon menu by clicking the Matrix Defines button.

A few considerations need to be taken into account when naming a Matrix Define. These include:

  • Every Matrix Define must have a unique name.
  • The name of a Matrix Define cannot be changed after it has been used within the matrix.

Once you have added the Matrix Define (and clicked Save), you can use this define within Cost Estimate Line formulas just like any other define, by appending a # before the Matrix Define Name. However, these defines are only available within Cost Estimate Templates associated with the current Matrix.

Note: If a Matrix Define and a Matrix Attribute share the same name, the value of the Matrix Attribute will overwrite the value of the Matrix Define.