Resources And Resource Types

Resources are the foundation for estimates and are used to build the total estimated cost of the project. Every resource in Expert Estimation falls into one of two specifications: Base or Group Resources.


Base resources are the building blocks of the estimate, they are resources that can’t be broken down into smaller parts. For example, one man-hour of a labourer, one cubic metre of concrete, one office chair, or hiring a piece of equipment for a day are components of your project that lend themselves to being attributed as base resources.

Expert Estimation categorises base resources into five Resource Types: Labour, Material, Plant, Subcontract and Other.




Carpenter, Supervisor, Labourer, Project Manager


Concrete, Gravel, Pipes, Steel Beams


Excavator, 4WD, Jackhammer, Trucks, Crane


Sealing, Piling, Survey


Fuel, Transport, Overhead Labour

Note: The Other Resource Type may appear in a project using a different name. This is controlled by an option under the Project Properties – Resources window, and is only available in Expert Estimation Genesis edition, allowing it to be renamed.


Group resources are a combination of resources (base and other group resources) that represent a specific work activity and can be viewed as a container for other resources.

Some examples of Group Resources could be, a crew of workers that include labourers, managers, supervisors and apprentices, or an electrical component that includes all the individual material and labour components to assemble.