Code Set Item Summary Report

Genesis edition only.

The Code Set Resources report provides a printable breakdown of the Direct and Overhead Cost Schedule items allocated to the codes used within a Code Set.

Code Set Item Summary Report


This report will display the following information:

  • Item #
  • Line #
  • Description
  • Resource
  • Unit
  • Quantity
  • Production
  • Number
  • Rate
  • Labour
  • Material
  • Plant
  • Subcontract
  • Other
  • Total

Note: Overhead Cost Schedule lines will be prefixed with an OH in front of the Line #.


The format of the data can be changed by clicking the Change button, in the bottom left-hand corner in the Options section of the report.

Code Set Items Summary window - formatting panel



Displayed Code Set

When this option is set, the report will display the information for the selected Code Set.

This list will be populated with the name of each Code Set available in the project.

Show allocated Schedule Item Estimate Lines

When this formatting option is checked, the Cost Estimate for each Cost Schedule item will be displayed.

Explode Group Resources to (x) levels deep

Explode Group resources to (x) levels deep will expand group resources assigned to Cost Estimate lines.

(x) represents the number of contained group resource levels that will be expanded out in the report per cost estimate line.

Note: General Report Options are available as standard for this report.