Item States

An Item State can be applied to all Contributing or Rate Only Cost Schedule Items as a way of identifying the items progress. The different Item States (Checked, Finished, or Unfinished) can be easily identified by the colour of the text throughout the Cost Schedules.

The different states and their associated colours

An item’s state will affect the completion of project calculations and prevent some calculations from running at all.

Until all items are set to the Check or Finish state, the project is not deemed complete, and a Spread calculation cannot be performed.

This will be reflected by a Project Message outlining the reason for the calculation not being able to run.

An item’s state can be changed from the Properties section of the ribbon menu by selecting an item and clicking the preferred Item State button. You can also change the state from the Cost Schedule Properties Pane by selecting the Item State from the available drop-down.




An Unfinished item indicates that the item has not yet been completely constructed.

By default, the Estimate Rate and total are not displayed on the Cost Schedule, and the item is not included in any project calculations (including summation formulae).

If enabled in the Project Properties – Calculation window, unfinished items will display an Estimated Rate and Estimated Total.

Note: Items with a state of Unfinished will prevent the Spread Calculation from completing successfully.


The state of Checked is used when an item has been finalised but requires highlighting for further review.

An Estimated Rate and Estimated Total are calculated and displayed on the Cost Schedule and therefore is considered in project calculations.


A Finished item indicates that the item has been completed and a review of the underlying resource usage and Cost Estimate has been performed.

An Estimate Rate and estimated total are calculated and displayed on the Cost Schedule.

Direct/Overhead Cost Schedule Items and Group Resources with a state of Checked/Finished have a number of properties in a Read-Only state, including the Cost Estimates for the Item/Resource. Changing the Cost Estimate Options in the Project Properties – Workflow window, allows for the ability to modify Cost Estimates while in the Checked/Finished states.