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Cost Estimate – Properties Pane

The Properties Pane for the Cost Estimate window displays information for the cost estimate line that is currently selected. It represents the same data displayed in the Cost Estimate Grid in a different format, having the benefit of providing summary information for multiple selected Cost Estimate lines.

This pane can be opened in a number of ways:

  • Click the Properties icon ../../../wp-content/uploads/images/Expert-Estimation/EE_Properties.png from the Cost Estimate ribbon menu
  • Using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Enter
  • Right-click on a Cost Estimate line and select Properties from the context menu

The Properties Pane will be displayed (by default) to the right-hand side of the Cost Estimate window, and can be detached and repositioned whereever needed around the screen.

Cost Estimate properties pane

Available Fields

Numerous Cost Estimate line properties can be seen from the Properties pane. Some are read-only and provide summations of multiple selected items. Others are editable, for both single and multiple selected items. These properties include:

  • Line #
  • Description
  • Formula
  • Resource
  • Matrix Item
  • Quantity
  • Total

Note: The Matrix item field is only available in Genesis edition and can only be used in Direct and Overhead Cost Estimates.

Updated on October 19, 2018

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