Excluding Schedule Items

During the lifetime of a project, there may be times where Cost Schedule Items are no longer relevant to the completion of work but still need to be documented. In this case, you will want to Exclude an item.

While an item is excluded, it does not contribute to the total of any Cost Schedule nor will it be associated with any summation formulas. This also means that Resources usage coming from the item are ignored.

Excluded Schedule Items icon

An item can be excluded by using the Exclude action in the ribbon menu of both the Direct Cost and Overhead Cost Schedules. This action acts as a toggle button to allow you to either exclude or include the item, reintroducing it into the Cost Schedule as a contributing item.

When an item is marked as excluded, it appears slightly transparent, allowing it to be easily recognised. Additionally, there is an ‘Excluded’ column in the Direct or Overhead Cost Schedule which will present a tick when excluded.