Installing And Upgrading Expert Estimation

Note: This article assumes that the Pronamics Product Selector has already been installed.

Expert Estimation requires two components to be installed for it to function correctly; the Server and Shell.

The Server component is responsible for storing your projects, running calculations and managing communication with other users. This application can be installed on your local computer, on a colleague’s computer, a central server or even the cloud.

The Shell component manages the connection to Expert Estimation servers and launches the client application. This component is generally installed on the user’s local system but can be installed on a central system, in cases such as environments using Windows Terminal Services or Citrix application publishing.

Pronamics Product Selector


To perform a full installation of both Server and Shell components:

Note: After clicking the Install button, a popup may be displayed requiring the Product Selector to be restarted so that it has the required Administrator privileges to perform the installation.

A window will appear displaying a progress bar as the Product Selector downloads the Server and Shell components required for installation.

  1. Launch the Pronamics Product Selector.
  2. Click the Install button, located at the top right-hand side of the window.
  3. A licence agreement will be displayed and must be agreed to before installation can continue.
  4. Click OK to complete the installation process.

Once the installation has been completed an Expert Estimation icon will be created on the desktop for launching the application.


Similar to the Install process, the upgrade process for Expert Estimation is managed through the Pronamics Product Selector.

Each time the Product Selector is opened, it checks for the availability of a new version to both the Server and Shell components. If there is an upgrade available, an Upgrade button will be displayed beside the relevant component.

Note: All connections from local or external machines to the Server component being upgraded must be closed prior to the start of the upgrade process.

To upgrade the Server and Shell components:

  1. Click the Upgrade button beside the component being upgraded.
  2. A licence agreement will be displayed and “I Agree” must be checked before the upgrade can continue.
  3. Once the upgrade has been completed press the OK button to finish the process.


The Expert Estimation Shell application has been designed to be deployable as part of a Microsoft Installer package (.msi). This allows for the mass distribution of the application to multiple machines under IT managed networks. Further information about this can be found by contacting Pronamics Technical Support on +61 7 3481 9626.